Words to Flirt by…

The most amazing thing you can ever wear is confidence!

It is as simple as eye contact and a smile, or in this case I asked him where he got the chocolate at the party, he went and got some for me and stayed by my side for the rest of the night. Amazing conversation. Super cute. Flirting can be easy – I promise. xoxo

Don’t limit yourself by making statements that can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Words have power in your life – you know this. So when you say, “I will never find love”, or “all men are players”, or “all women are gold diggers”, or whatever, then that statement may come true for you in your life because it’s what you believe or what you expect to happen in your life. Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Live. Love. Flirt.

about to kiss thumb on her chin